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About Us

We are passionate breeders with a love of animals. We live on an acreage with two kids, two English Mastiffs (Max and Charlie), three chickens (Peter, Penny, and Pepper), a bunny (Bugs) and our adorable Scottish Folds (Sophia, Oscar). We strive to produce cats with the best temperaments that are amazing family pets, while also paying close to attention to adherence to the breed standard, health, and the general well being of our cats. In our home, they are pets first. They are handled daily by us, our children, and are interacting with many other animals. We are doing this because of our love of animals and because we want more people to know what it's like owning a cat like ours. The Scottish fold breed are like no other cat I've owned before. They are sweet and affectionate but independent and silly.  

We provide full support to you during the research phase (is a Scottish fold the right cat for me?), reservation phase (is this kitten the right one for our family needs?), and answer any questions you may have after purchase. 

Breeding is not a business or career for us. We work full time jobs, and we raise a family. We have a great love and joy for having these cats around. It's a lot of work, and when you are doing things right, it's a lot of expense to ensure they are healthy, eating the best food, and will live a long time.  Our prices are not set so we can retire on the income. With raising these amazing creatures, we have many expenses, and we are lucky if we break even.

Our cats have passed health exams and have all been genetically tested for Polycystic Kidney Disease. We feed all of our animals top quality raw food, and add extra supplements daily for good coat, bone, and joint health. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a unique, well adjusted Scottish Fold kitten for you to enjoy for years to come.

About Scottish Folds

Scottish Folds are a breed that originated in Scotland. It all started with one cat named Susie in 1961, when a shepherd found a barn cat with folded ears.

The breed was then consistently molded over a bit of time, and accepted for Championship status with CFA in 1978.  They are a medium cat with a rounded, well-padded body and a short, dense, and resilient coat. It has large, round, broadly spaced eyes full of sweetness; well-rounded whisker pads and a short nose with a gentle curve in profile.

Scottish Folds are hardy cats. Their disposition matches their sweet expression. They have tiny voices and are not extremely vocal. They adore human companionship and display this in their own quiet way.

Scottish Folds adapt to almost any home situation and are as comfortable in a room full of noisy children and dogs as they are in a single person’s dwelling. They don’t usually panic at shows or in strange hotel rooms, and they adjust to other animals extremely well. 

The Scottish Fold is an undemanding cat. A clean environment, proper nutrition, and generous doses of love are its only requirements

The unique folding of a Scottish Fold's ears comes from a mutation in the cartilage. It's extremely important to understand that you cannot ever breed a fold to a fold because the double mutation can exacerbate to other parts of a fold's anatomy, affecting their overall structure and health.

So while we all want to own a fold with curled ears, straights are very important to have within a breeding program and offer the same amazing breed personality characteristics as their folded siblings - minus the folded ears.

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